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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Hi there!

I never used to enjoy coffee. I found it bitter and pointless. I was also accutely aware of it’s addictive capabilities and didn’t want to become reliant on a morning coffee to get going. However, whilst here in Spain, I’ve developed a taste for it and in moderation it can help speed up metabolism, boost concentration and productivity and just give you a little boost when you need it! It also doesn’t need to be calorie-laden! If you can stomach it, go for black everytime, or opt for semi-skimmed/skimmed milk, no sugar, soy milk (or other alternatives) to cut the calories!

I’ve just started using Pact Coffee and I’m about to get a delivery of freshly ground coffee from Toledo! It asked me a few questions about how I like my coffee and funnily enough is sending me Spanish coffee! It’s got 70% dark chocolate and the grounds themselves are from Columbia. They’ve got tons of coffees to try and they can send you a different one weekly or fortnightly! It’s £6.95 a pack but if you use my referral code HANNAH-KZMZEQ your first bag is £1!

So, give it a try. I never thought I’d like coffee but it’s actually a great drink to have socialising or as a pick me up!

Have a fantastic week guys! We’re half way through!

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Earn rewards for working out!

Hi there!

So there’s been a gap in my posts because my parents were out visiting me for Easter! After a phenomenal week I’m devastated to say they’ve now returned home but I will be seeing them again in 45 days! People say time flies when you’re having fun, I can now definitly vouch for that one. After my brilliant holiday it’s now to get back on track. 3 weeks until my first 10k and I have my final visitor in between (which is another 4 days off exercising, not a bad thing though) so need to say focused.

Today, I discovered Bounts which is an app that allows you to collect points for exercising. Paid to exercise!? That sounds too good to be true! You collect points through your work out (for example, you earn 15 points for a 20 minute workout on MapMyFitness if connected to Bounts). You can then redeem these points for vouchers at places such as Waitrose, Starbucks, M&S and New Look! You can connect loads of apps and fitness trackers!

If you do sign up use referral code white327 and you’ll get 50 points straight away!

Money for keeping fit? Win. Win.

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Sports Pursuit

Hi there!

This post is in no way endorsed or sponsored by the company I’m discussing. I’m merely sharing this company because they have excellent deals on quality sports wear and accessories! They are called Sport Pursuit and they offer flash sales where brand such as Nike, SealSkinz and Underamour can have discounts of 75% and sometimes, if you’re lucky, more!

I definitly recommend at least signing up to their newsletter, where you’ll get their best flash sales of the day into your inbox and then you’ll never miss a deal. How many times have you been needing something but not bobught it because you were waiting for a deal? Sport Pursuit can help you get that deal!

I love it, especially as a student.

Happy spending!

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MyProtein Discount!

Hi there!

After an amazing and indulgent weekend I’m back! My sister has (unfortunately) gone home and I’ve now got 3 weeks to kill before my next visitors to Madrid! I got a supply of protein delivered to me (good flavours, cheaper delivery to the UK) but miscalculated how many scoops I will need between now and my return home in May. So I looked to MyProtein to help me out! I managed to get £26.56 worth of protein related goodies for £12.52 today, including delivery!

MyProtein is absolutely brilliant for quality protein in great flavours for great prices. My sister and I both use it, my sister finds it is the only protein that doesn’t upset her stomach! I usually buy Chocolate Smooth but have gone for Unflavoured this time because it’s cheaper and I don’t mind the unflavoured version at all, so I might as well save a bit!

So, my order consisted of ;

1kg Unflavoured Whey Protein
9 x Pro Milk Zero Chocolate
MyProtein Blender Bottle

I then applied the following code;

20% entire order when you order certain “Goodies” (in this case it was the Pro Milk Zero -£2.63)
Automatic discount of the Pro Milk Zero (-£12.99)

Then just add £1.99 standard delivery and I had an amazing deal on protein!

I really recommend MyProtein!

Gym Bug

Note; this was no way sponsored by MyProtein, these voucher codes are accesible by anyone!

Supermarket Tricks

Hi there!

It’s long been know that supermarkets place sweets close to the check-out to encourage impulse buying and huge displays at the end of the aisles are used for the same reason.  So I’ve written up some supermarket tricks to be wary of plus ways of keeping your food bill down!

The Tricks

  • Necessities/basic products are spread all over the store to force you to walk the entire length if it to get a basic basket worth of groceries.
  • Anything considered an ‘impulse buy’ will be found near the check-outs.
  • The more expensive brands are located at eye level on the shelves, lower quality but cheaper price brands are found at the top and bottom.
  • Complementary goods (e.g crisps and dip) are often stocked together to increase the chances of unplanned purchases.

Ways to beat tricks & keep your grocery bill from skyrocketting

  • Don’t shop hungry, trust me. From experience I know you end up leaving with more items and more unhealthy things too.
  • Make a list and stick to it. Know exactly what you’re going for. Get in, get the stuff, get out.
  • Make use of the reduced section, there can be great dels to be had here. These are typicaly found at the back of the store or somewhere out of sight.
  • Go to the shops just before closing, you’ll be able to take advantage of reduced prices.
  • Buy loose. Quite often it’s cheaper to purchase lose fruit and veg than it is to buy pre-packaged. Keep an eye on prices and you’ll see the differences.
  • Got a voucher and the products out of stock? Go to customer service and see if you can get a ‘rain check’. This means you’ll get the product when it’s back in stock even if the deal has finished.
  • Watch “3 for 2” or BOGOF deals. These make us buy more than we really need, evaluate if you truly need that extra amount. This also helps reduce waste.
  • Bulk isn’t always cheaper. I tend to look at the “price per amount” and compare products to see if I’m getting the best deal.
  • Stick to looking at goods in the aisles where you can see all available options and prices. Corner displays make you less aware of what’s really available.

These are a few of the ways I’ve learned to keep my bill from expanding and to keep my basket healthier (by avoiding those hunger-induced cookie rumbles). It’s not easy to avoid supermarket tricks, they’re used by all the supermarkets for a reason, but by becoming aware that they exist it’s a lot easier to spot them!

Hope this is useful!

Gym Bug

Grab a free Bite card!

Hi there!

Busy day today, so quick money saving post, especially for train commuters! Free Bite card here, gets you discount at places such as Upper Crust, Nam-Po, Pumpkin etc and other food outlets at UK Railway stations!

Go, Go, GO!

Gym Bug



Get kitted out for less

Hi there,

Just wanted to share a great website with you all called Sport Pursuit. They cater for a great variety of sports and offer superb discounts on leading brands such as 2XU Compression, SIS Energy, Puma and more. They have “flash sales” which can see fantastic discounts for a very limited time. For example, currently you can purchase 8 x 20 SIS Energy Tabs for £21.90 (61% saving on the RRP).

They are definitly worth signing up to keep track of what offers they’ve got going on!

Here’s my friend code if you’re interested!

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