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Money Savings

Hi there!

Here I shall post some websites I use when hunting for discounts on products, acquiring freebies and the like.

If you’re a student sign up to the following websites (UK-only);

Student Beans

Save the Student

Student Money Saver

All three of these require a valid student e-mail to work. You simply sign up, create a profile and you can receive student discounts on things such as MyProtein (10%) as well as exclusive competitions.

Something anyone can get access to in the UK is “10 ways to to have more money as a student without working“. This link takes you directly to their Facebook page where they regularly post deals, discounts and freebies!

Other websites to sign up to (perhaps create a special e-mail for these, if you don’t want constant Freebie emails hitting your primary inbox) (This is US Based) (UK Based) (UK Based) (UK Based) (UK Based, beware it can take months for cashback to be processed, if at all, I don’t spend money to get money I take advantage of any freebies) (UK Based discount website on good quality, branded products, use my friend code here to access excellent deals on a huge range of sport and fitness gear)

I shall update this page when I find more, but I have gotten a lot of freebies and discounts from these sites including free protein, beauty samples, hair products and more. It’s really helpful just to get a few savings sometimes!

As always, be aware of where you’re putting your personal information. I avoid any and all competitions or websites that make me go through countless surveys and enter my mobile number. It sets you up for texts and cold calls. Also never put in financial details unless it’s via a confirmed, safe site (for example, don’t give details for a freebie).

You can also save on your protein! I’m an official member of the Go Nutition Academy and get great benefits such as access to discounts to give out to you guys! Use code A5CJC5 on your first order over £10 to get a free 250g of protein of your choice! Also, I’ve got a 10% discount code GNAK0BCH which can be used with my referral code above but not any other discounts available on the website.

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