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Sleep Experiment Trial 3

Hi there!

Last night’s option for the Sleep Experiment did not work at all. I had to follow the following breathing exercise;

  1. Breath in deeply for 4 counts
  2. Hold breath for 2 counts
  3. Exhale for 4 counts, gently forcing the last bit of air out at the end
  4. Repeat and focus on breathing, clearing your mind of all else.

I found myself focusing on how tired it was making me and trying to become aware of when I was falling asleep so I was hideously distracted. I eventually gave up and just there waiting for sleep to come. It took a while. When I finally got to sleep I slept pretty soundly but the whole process of getting to sleep was not improved via this method, for me at aleast.

Rating for the breathing execises; 3/10.

I’m going to give the yoga a try tonight! Fingers crossed!

Gym Bug


Sleep Experiment Trial 1

Hi there!

This will be a quick update on the Sleep Experiment! I opted for option 7, listening to music. Overall, I slept relatively quickly, but not as quickly as I would have liked. I am actually quite tired today and did not sleep soundly.

Rating for listening to music before bed; 5/10.

Tonight’s experimental method will be number 3; avoid any screens for 30 minutes before bed!

Until tomorrow!

Gym Bug

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