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Earn rewards for working out!

Hi there!

So there’s been a gap in my posts because my parents were out visiting me for Easter! After a phenomenal week I’m devastated to say they’ve now returned home but I will be seeing them again in 45 days! People say time flies when you’re having fun, I can now definitly vouch for that one. After my brilliant holiday it’s now to get back on track. 3 weeks until my first 10k and I have my final visitor in between (which is another 4 days off exercising, not a bad thing though) so need to say focused.

Today, I discovered Bounts which is an app that allows you to collect points for exercising. Paid to exercise!? That sounds too good to be true! You collect points through your work out (for example, you earn 15 points for a 20 minute workout on MapMyFitness if connected to Bounts). You can then redeem these points for vouchers at places such as Waitrose, Starbucks, M&S and New Look! You can connect loads of apps and fitness trackers!

If you do sign up use referral code white327 and you’ll get 50 points straight away!

Money for keeping fit? Win. Win.

Gym Bug


Get kitted out for less

Hi there,

Just wanted to share a great website with you all called Sport Pursuit. They cater for a great variety of sports and offer superb discounts on leading brands such as 2XU Compression, SIS Energy, Puma and more. They have “flash sales” which can see fantastic discounts for a very limited time. For example, currently you can purchase 8 x 20 SIS Energy Tabs for £21.90 (61% saving on the RRP).

They are definitly worth signing up to keep track of what offers they’ve got going on!

Here’s my friend code if you’re interested!

Gym Bug

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