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Sports Pursuit

Hi there!

This post is in no way endorsed or sponsored by the company I’m discussing. I’m merely sharing this company because they have excellent deals on quality sports wear and accessories! They are called Sport Pursuit and they offer flash sales where brand such as Nike, SealSkinz and Underamour can have discounts of 75% and sometimes, if you’re lucky, more!

I definitly recommend at least signing up to their newsletter, where you’ll get their best flash sales of the day into your inbox and then you’ll never miss a deal. How many times have you been needing something but not bobught it because you were waiting for a deal? Sport Pursuit can help you get that deal!

I love it, especially as a student.

Happy spending!

Gym Bug

Hi there!

Hi everybody!

So I’m new to WordPress but not to blogging. I had a blog on but issues with accessing the account mean it has been dormant for way too long. To check out past posts head on over to This will give you an idea of what I post about (but I have some additional ideas to bring over to this blog).

So, here’s a brief introduction! I’m GymBug, a female University student who like many, go through the ups and down of life. This blog will mainly focus on leading a healthy lifestyle on a student budget whilst having fun. It’s all my own experiences, I don’t have a formal nutrition qualification or personal training certification, it’s all things I’ve lernt through trial and error (and error and error). I’ll post about exercises, routines, free things, music and others things I hope you’ll find interesting!

I will try to post as often as possible and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask! Comments about my posts are also welcome (keep it appropriate though, please and thank you)

Something else you can expect to find on this blog is links to free trials or products and things. I’m a sucker for free things so in the spirit of sharing I’ll share them with you too!

See you around!

Gym Bug

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